Welcome I'm Cathy, the owner and artist of CrowScratches. CrowScratches provides a variety of products, including fantasy wall hangings and and the ever popular Engraved Dice Towers. All products can be found on the shop page, with process images and news available in the blog. Visit CrowScratches on Facebook to see regular posts on what's happening and new items that are in the works. You can always see the list of upcoming conventions in the footer of the website, if you want to see everything in real life. News New Store and Deck Boxes We now have a proper store! The Etsy store isn't going anywhere, but now you can purchase items here rather than going to another site. Check the store out and let me know what you think. As always, custom requests are welcome and can be sent via the contact page. Second bit of news is that I'll have a new KickStarter coming in mid January for Engraved Deck Boxes. Each box holds about 250 unsleeved cards, and will include at least 1 divider. The boxes themselves are made out of your choice of hardwood, with a leather strap across the top to keep it closed in transit. The wood is engraved on the longer sides, with a corresponding design on the leather. More details will be coming as we get closer to the actual launch.
Upcoming Conventions Con-Fuzion Nov 3-4 MuscleShoals AL MCFC Nov 16-18 Memphis TN

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