Welcome I'm Cathy, the owner and artist of CrowScratches. CrowScratches provides a variety of products, including fantasy wall hangings and and the ever popular Engraved Dice Towers. All products can be found on the shop page, with process images and news available in the blog. Visit CrowScratches on Facebook to see regular posts on what's happening and new items that are in the works. You can always see the list of upcoming conventions in the footer of the website, if you want to see everything in real life. News Store is being updated I'm currently in the process of doing a major overhaul of the store. I'm using a new system rather than PayPal shop buttons which should be easier to navigate and purchase. Its taking a little bit of time, but will work much better than the previous system. No hard date yet, but I will have the new store up and running by November, in time for all your holiday shopping. In the meantime the Etsy store is still up and running, and you can always contact me for any custom work.
Upcoming Conventions ShadowCon January Memphis TN TBA

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