Welcome I'm Cathy, the owner and artist of CrowScratches. CrowScratches provides a variety of products, including fantasy wall hangings and and the ever popular Engraved Dice Towers. All products can be found on the shop page, with process images and news available in the blog. Visit CrowScratches on Facebook to see regular posts on what's happening and new items that are in the works. You can always see the list of upcoming conventions in the footer of the website, if you want to see everything in real life. News KickStarter for new Engraved Deck Boxes The campaign for Engraved Deck Boxes is here! Starting on February 1st at noon and running for the normal 30 days, I'm really excited to finally have this running. You can see all the details on the campaign page, and I will continue to post updates there and on facebook. I'm already working on Stretch Goals, including more designs and wood options. We'll see if we can unlock all the way up to Wenge and Canarywood. If this is very successful I have a design for a larger box with multiple sections that will hold 3x as much as the normal boxes. I'll post images once I have a prototype made.
Upcoming Conventions TupeloCon May 4&5 Tupelo MS MomoCon May 23-26 Atlanta GA MagicCityCon June 21-23 Birmingham AL MississippiComicCon June 29&30 Jackson MS

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