Welcome I'm Cathy, the owner and artist of CrowScratches. CrowScratches provides a variety of products, including fantasy wall hangings and and the ever popular Engraved Dice Towers. All products can be found on the Store page. If you have an idea for a custom piece I am always happy to discuss details and work something out. I can do a variety of different things in leather and wood and am always excited for new ideas. Visit CrowScratches on Facebook to see regular posts on what's happening and new items that are in the works. You can always see the list of upcoming conventions in the footer of the website, if you want to see everything in real life. News Christmas Shopping It's that time of year again. Covid has messed a lot of things up and conventions largely didn't happen. Still, that only makes it an even better idea to shop Online. As always I'm happy to do completely custom creations. The only thing to remember is that they do often take a little more time. Worst case scenario is that I'll need to order materials I don't have on hand. So the earlier you contact me the better so that you can be sure your gifts will arrive in plenty of time. You can always visit the Facebook page to see what kinds of materials I playing with to give yourself ideas. Also, I do appreciate my international customers. But again because of Covid its almost certain that shipping will take longer than usual. Bundle that with holiday rush, and I don't see anything taking less than a month to arrive. So again, its in everyone's interest to buy early. I hope everyone has great holidays and at least end out the year on a higher note.
Upcoming Conventions Darn you Covid! Every thing's canceled, I'll update once something's confirmed

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