About Cathy
I'm an artist based out of Mississippi. I received my BFA from Mississippi State, after which I went to Louisiana Tech for my Masters. It was there that I was introduced to the laser cutter, which I use for almost all my work I've always loved anything fantasy and know way more mythology than will ever come in handy. Myths and fairytales influence almost all of my work and I enjoy exploring elements that reoccur even in stories geographically and culturally distanced from each other. The other great influence of my work has been my interest in TableTop RPGs. Many of the gaming accessories I sell came about simply because I saw or thought of something that I wanted for myself. I really enjoy vending at and attending conventions, where you can often see me dressed up in some kind of costume. You can see the list of upcoming cons at the bottom of the page anywhere on the site. You can also see what I'm working on now either on the blog or on the Facebook page.
Upcoming Conventions TupeloCon May 4&5 Tupelo MS MomoCon May 23-26 Atlanta GA MagicCityCon June 21-23 Birmingham AL MississippiComicCon June 29&30 Jackson MS

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