Art Prints

Original digital illustrations.


8.5" x 11" print on photo paper.

A slight white border with the image centered


All prints are signed by the artist and arrive in a sealed cellophane sleeve.



Color may vary from the monitor display

Wall Hangings



I have a variety of digital illustration prints as well as 3D wall hangings for your to peruse through.  Check regularly for new items as they come.

Persephone and Hades Based on Greek mythology, this piece has many different parts and aspects that come together for the whole. Beyond the obvious pomegranate, the flowers closest to the center are Narcissus, the flower that lured Persephone away to be captured. I also decided to focus more on Hades being god of the underworld and of mineral wealth rather than filling his section with ghosts. Approximately 37" x 24"

These wall sculptures are made out of Baltic Birch Ply using a lasercutter.  They are then painted and glued together by hand, meaning no one piece is perfectly identical.  While individual parts are flat, depth is created by layering and spacers between the layers.


The pieces is made to hang simply using keyhole hangers on the back.  All that's required is a wall and two screws or nails.


($55 Shipping)

White Snake Based on the Chinese story. There's actually a lot of historical variations, as well as modern representations in media. It's pretty interesting to look into yourself. I chose to make her in Tang Dynasty fashion, as that's how fairies and supernatural beings were often represented historically. 11" x 13.5"


($20 Shipping)

Swan Maiden From Norse mythology. The swan maiden may or may not be a Valkyrie, depending on the version you go with. One of many stories where if you can snatch her skin/cloak/dress while she's bathing she sort of has to marry you by default. 11.5" x 14"


($20 Shipping)

Selkie From Irish mythology. Probably the most well known/iconic of the 'steal her thing and she has to marry you' style of myth, though one of the few where the mystical being may be male. The stones are a reference to the Giant's Causeway. 9" x 14"


($20 Shipping)

Kitsune From Japanese mythology. Much like tanuki, Japanese foxes are just all magic. And one of their favorite things to do is to shape-shift into a beautiful woman and go out to seduce men. I made her 'fox-faced' (narrow faced, high cheekbones, etc.). I ended up mixing up fashion from a lot of different eras, focusing on finding details I liked rather than keeping to a singe time period. 12.25" x 10.5"


($20 Shipping)

Art Ships in 3-5 Business Days


Colors may vary from monitor display

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