Dice Jails

These Dice Jails arrive complete and ready to incarcerate any misbehaving die.   Each jail is 5"W x 2.5"L x 2.75"H (discounting sign).  This is the perfect size to carry around while still being able to reach in to retrieve your dice.  The top simply swivels up, with a lip at the front to grasp it by.  Bars all the way around allow you to see the dice within.


The towers are made out of Baltic Birch Plywood, but different paint medium textures are applied to provide a stony texture.  A stone pattern is engraved in the wood, with the paint applied in a way to further sell the illusion.


As the paint and mediums vary, these are premade, with you able to chose the one you like rather than being made to order.


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For orders with multiple items, select USA/Canada/International for the 1st and the corresponding (2nd+ item) thereafter (Art items are excluded from group shipping)

Ships in 3-5 Business Days



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